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About us

About Us

At EK Global Investor Relations, we take pride in raising our client’s profiles within the global investment community. Dedicated to delivering excellent service and unique expertise for Israel-based issuers, we work closely with our clients to enhance investor interest and following, using an Israel-based team with many years of experience in the US and European capital markets.

Ehud and Kenny, the owners of EK Global have over 20 years’ experience each in the IR industry and over 50 years of collective capital market experience. They are both actively engaged with each and every client’s IR program including press release writing, results conference call preparation, investor’s outreach, strategic advice and more. Because of our focused approach, we are committed to service up to 15 clients at any given time. 

We have close cooperation and also work as the Israel-based office of international IR and independent research firm, Edison Group, with 150 employees and offices in the US, UK and Europe, offering a joint service proposition to meet client needs when applicable. 


Ehud Helft

Ehud has over 25 years experience in the international finance industry and capital markets, 20 of which in investor relations. He is closely engaged with all client’s IR programs and available full time for them to leverage his significant capital markets experience. Ehud was previously head of Israeli Equity Research at Credit Suisse. Ehud has an MBA from IESE in Barcelona. 


Kenny Green

Kenny has over 20 years investor relations and capital markets experience, and is actively engaged with all aspects of client's IR programs. He was formally an equity research analyst with Credit Suisse. Kenny holds an Masters in Computer Vision from University College London, and BA in Management from Cambridge University. 

Our Services

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Strategic Advice

We provide ongoing guidance and consulting services for any IR-related issue. We take pride in being available to speak or meet face-to-face with our clients at anytime from the start of the Israeli day to the end of the US-trading day.


Quarterly Results Process

We work closely with our clients, guiding them through the quarterly results reporting process. We take care of all logistics, drafting of releases and scripts, and ensure management are well prepared for the investor conference call.


Marketing Materials

We aid our clients with their financial press releases, presentations and other investor marketing materials to ensure that the messaging is what the market should be hearing and comes across correctly in the way management intends.


Roadshows & Conferences

We organize meetings for our clients internationally, with US as well as European-based investors, analysts and brokers. We also aim to secure investor conference invitations, enabling them to efficiently reach out to a wide audience.


Capital Markets Guidance

For clients considering a public listing or secondary offering, we guide them through this process, enabling management to make informed and better decisions, particularly with the selection of the right investment banks for the target investor audience.


Turnaround Consulting

For companies which have undergone a turnaround process, we work with management to ready the company for re-engagement with investors, working hard to bring supportive long-term investors back to the story.

Our Clients

Our Clients




Client Testimonials

"We have worked with the Kenny and Ehud for over a decade and in that time they has been invaluable in helping us bring significant international in our story, with a strong increase in foreign shareholder ownership. Kenny and Ehud's team-base in Israel  is critical for us , enabling us to work with closely with them, leveraging their knowledge and experience with the international capital markets on an ongoing basis"
-Dina Vince, Former Head Of Investor Relations at Delek Group-


Get in Touch with Kenny Green or Ehud Helft

Phone: +1 212-378-8040 (US)  / +972  54 452 3521  (Israel)

Email: or our email format is [firstname]

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